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New 'Performance Technology' Zaps Your Mind
With Powerful Commands... Helping You
Achieve Almost Anything You Desire, Automatically!



Brand NEW software automatically motivates, empowers, and re-educates your mind to develop "super-human"-like powers... FAST!

EASIER than affirmations... MORE powerful than hypnosis... FASTER than meditation...

Use Brain Power Pro to EFFORTLESSLY...

Every minute you spend at your PC, will "tune"
your brain into automatically achieving MORE

The Technology They Tried To Ban... The Secret They Kept From You...


Dear Friend,

hat if there's a fast and simple way for you to "steal" the advanced skill-set of the world's most successful people — their confidence, motivation, education, personality — and make it your own?

   What if you could realistically re-program your brain to automatically improve your performance in almost anything you try your hand at... in business, your social circles, and your life... without even trying?

   If you've ever wanted the ability to implant highly desirable personality traits directly into your brain cells, learn new skills faster than you thought possible, and automatically magnetize success in your life...

You Absolutely Need To Install
Brain Power Pro Right Away!

   Utilizing a unique subconscious perception delivery system, Brain Power Pro sits on the desktop of your Windows´┐Ż PC and fires SAFE and UNOBTRUSIVE "mental commands" to your screen, at speeds that are absorbed directly by your subconscious mind... and "activated" automatically by your brain cells.

   These "commands" are programmed to improve your inner thought processes without resistance, develop successful patterns of behavior, remove habitual personality flaws, increase your mental capacity for learning, and re-engineer your entire outlook on life — WITHOUT DEMANDING ANY OF YOUR TIME!

   And best of all, you don't have to do a thing! The whole system sits on your desktop, utilizing time you already spend at your computer... every moment you use your PC, you're creating a fantastic new you!

   Using Brain Power Pro, you can AUTOMATICALLY...

Tap Into Higher Brain Power & Intelligence
And Invoke "Genius" Thinking...

   What creates "genius"? It's the ability to think outside the box. To visualize conceptual ideas before they become real. To see potential in problems. Brain Power Pro gives you a tool-kit that "zaps" you with a healthy dose of mind-expanding commands, automatically increasing your neural capacity safely and quickly to...

  Learn new skills at lightning speeds — absorb facts like a cranial sponge, pick-up information at rapid speeds, understand new ideas and concepts faster than ever.

  Expand your capacity for thought — juggle ideas at speed, recognize instant solutions to otherwise complex problems, easily conceive new possibilities and enhance your creativity, effortlessly.

  Develop a "super glue" memory — recall information at lightning speeds, gain immediate entry to your unlimited memory banks, remember names and faces with ease and accuracy, every time.

  Ramp your creativity up to the highest notch — enjoy the power of truly limitless thought, visualize new and exciting business ventures, rapidly digest new ideas, expand your mind and each of your senses... and benefit from variety and adventure in your life.

   Brain Power Pro pushes your mind into states of higher perception and consciousness, and expands your ability for "whole brain functioning" — a psychologically peaked state of mental aptitude and performance that allows both hemispheres of your mind to work in co-operation... for ULTIMATE peak mental power!

Effortlessly Replace "Bad" Habits With
"Automatic Behavior Patterns" That Spill
Success Into Your Life... Like Never Before!

   How would you like to effortlessly correct all of that "mental blockage" that's shielding the best possible results in your life? What if you could realistically set yourself free of emotional turmoil from the past, rid your life of annoying habits & poor choices, and install effective behavior patterns instead?

   The power of Brain Power Pro means you can...

  Dissolve stress, melt away tension — imagine if nothing affected you.. if worries were a thing of the past. Now they can be! Brain Power Pro can train your mind to increase your tolerance for stress, so you can work with a clear mind to solve any/all problems... FAST!

  Destroy bad habits in a flash! — Stomp out bad habits for good. Do you smoke, and desperately want to quit? Do you have a tendency to get angry at the slightest irritation? Maybe you can't keep your paws off the chocolate cake? Destroy habits, struggle-free!


Banish negative behavior patterns, for good! — Negative behavior patterns are silently decaying your life. They affect almost 100% of the population in some way, and yet, no doctor can offer any cure or diagnosis. No pill on Earth is powerful enough for it.

Brain Power Pro allows you to "re-program" your brain to break old, habitual routines and refresh your life with new, successful, positive and uplifting behaviors that you'll now learn to automatically default to. Experienced renewed vigor, and control over your life!

  Control your emotions with ease — Want unlimited happiness, at the touch of a button? How about joy, elation, calm, or excitement? Dissolve problems of the past and set yourself free from stress, tension and worry. Enjoy new waves of happiness, now!

   Do you find yourself defaulting to the same behavioral patterns? Do you find yourself making the same poor choices in your life, again and again? Are you finding it hard to shake off old habits from the past?

Imagine How Much More You'll Enjoy
Your Life, When You Naturally Make
The Right Choices... Every Time!

   Brain Power Pro "suggests" new patterns of behavior, belief and thought to your sub-conscious mind — the area of your brain that is directly responsible for maintaining those automatic bodily functions that are seemingly "uncontrollable". The new suggestions replace the old, weak and destructive patterns of before.

   Every time you use your PC, Brain Power Pro re-affirms the goals, beliefs, thought processes and skills that you want to become real. Your mind takes these are literal, and maps your cognitive reality around them.

   Take control of your life, your thoughts, and your emotions with the help of Brain Power Pro... it's that easy!

Invoke "Super Human" Abilities That Are
Unavailable To The "Average" Person...

   Want to learn faster than ever before? Read at greater speeds? Control your emotions as simply as flicking a switch? Improve your physical performance and strength? Look great and lose that weight?

   Or, maybe you just want to gain the "edge" over your competition in business.

   Maybe it excites you to develop super-slick sales skills, have sentences roll off your tongue like an articulated wordsmith, conquer your fear of public speaking, or work faster - in a shorter space of time?

   Here are just a few of the many things you can have Brain Power Pro "train" your mind to help you to...

  Conquer your fears! — abolish your fears without therapy! Fear spiders or snakes? Hate public speaking, or small spaces? Detest flying, or heights? Luckily, your fear is no more real than the thought process that creates it. Brain Power Pro destroys it at the source!

  Alter your personality — is there something you dislike about yourself? That cranky mood in the morning? The way you react around the opposite sex? The "mind freeze" you experience when you need your wits most? Brain Power Pro can train your mind to alter your seemingly "automatic" reactions to every day events... giving you ultimate self-control.

  Improve the speed and clarify of thought — what if you could clear away the mental fog, pump yourself with positive thoughts, and correct emotional imbalances... how much more happy and energized would you be? How much easier would it be to make the decisions that affect your life? How would your relationships with people improve?

  Empower your physical self — there's research that suggests the mind-body link is so strong, that your "thoughts" can literally alter your physical body. What if it's possible for you to improve your immunity, strengthen your body, even build muscle tissue and zesty health, at the click of a button? Experimenting with this power is easy with Brain Power Pro

  Master new skills and talents — is there something you'd really love to be great at, but think you lack the skill or talent to engage in? Brain Power Pro enforces your self-belief, which has been proven to have a dramatic effect on your results. This reaffirms your strengths.

  Attract the opposite sex! — are you shy around men/women? Have trouble talking to or meeting your potential mates? Or maybe you attract the wrong kind of people into your life, and your relationships always seem to crash and burn? With Brain Power Pro, you could enjoy supreme self-confidence, improve your lingual abilities — even improve your looks!

  Gain a new zest for life! — what if you could banish problems from your life with ease? What if you were invincible to stress and tension, and renew your life with a vigor that you didn't know could exist? Live an exciting, rewarding, an adventurous life, in THIS life-time!

  Enjoy an incredible edge in business — learn new knowledge easily, adapt strongly to new strategies, improve your creativity and marketing, string together more persuasive pitches, speak at ease in public, deliver confident presentations, and so much more...

The Incredible Power of Brain Power Pro,
And The Science Behind It

   At this point, you'll likely be thinking to yourself... "does any of this actually work?". Well, I hope so anyway — with so many bogus claims being made by advertisers today, you have to remain vigilant.

   In fact, the only thing you should be interested in, is the RESULTS you'll see. Nothing else counts.

   The science behind Brain Power Pro is actually very straight-forward.

   It's a software application that sits on your Windows desktop, that delivers safe, positive and unobtrusive affirmations on your computer's screen. These "affirmations" are simply statements of positive intent, like:

— I learn fast

— I am calm and confident always

— I enjoy speaking on stage

— I attract my ideal partner easily

   Because of the speed in which they're delivered to your screen, your conscious mind will merely see a "flicker" — it won't have the pace to capture the message. And that's great — because, your "conscious" mind isn't responsible for changing your automatic reactions and habits. Only your subconscious is!

   Your brain is a fascinating machine that has the capability to absorb thousands of pieces of information daily. Every day, you're exposed to more than 100,000 thoughts that influence your decision making abilities, your beliefs, your ideas, your patterns - even your core values.

   Your subconscious mind is built as a tool for betterment. It's there to respond to your environment. It "sees" things you don't even realize. Every sound. Every picture. Every phonetic nuance. Everything.

   So it makes sense that if your brain "reacts" to the information its fed....

   ... that you should probably feed it the best information you can, right?

   That's where Brain Power Pro enters the scene!

   With this tool, you're delivering positive, present, self-inflicting statements of belief to your mind every minute you're using the computer. Affirmations that are captured by your subconscious brain, analyzed and then "processed" unconsciously... without any effort or work required from you. It's all automatic!

If Small, Undetectable Pieces of Information
Can Reshape Your Mind And Your Beliefs...

What Can 28,800 Positive Affirmations
Every Single Day Do For You?

   Set Brain Power Pro to zap a new affirmation to you at 1 second intervals and use your PC during an 8-hour shift, and that's exactly what you'll get... 28,800 unique chances to convince your mind whatever you want.

   Even if you only use your PC for an hour each day, or 3-4 times a week... that's still 10,000 - 15,000 positive affirmations blasting through your conscious barrier, and echoed through your mind each week!

   Are you starting to see the power?

   How can any other method of self-improvement compare?

   And here's how easy it is for you to use...

Three Easy Steps To Putting Your Goals
On Auto-Pilot... In Under 30 Seconds!

   Once you've installed Brain Power Pro, using it is as a snap. You'll get a full-blown user manual with your purchase, but you'll likely figure it out for yourself in just a few seconds... look how easy it is...

Step 1 - Choose Your Affirmations...

   Brain Power Pro is incredibly simple to use. See the sample screenshot below...

   You just hit the checkbox next to the affirmation groups you want — or, you can edit/create brand new groups with an unlimited number of new affirmations per group... here's how it works...

   Whether you have 5 or 50,000 affirmations, you can create specialist "groups" for each set, and select them as and when needed... (I usually concentrate on 1-2 goals per week, and cycle 3-4 groups a month.)

   Something in there that you don't like? No problem. Highlight it, and punch "delete". Want to add a new goal? Add it to the list, click "Save", and your changes are instantly registered. It's just so simple!

Step 2 - Customize The Program To Suit Your Needs...

   Brain Power Pro offers you a comprehensive, yet easy to use control panel that allows you to customize all the advanced features of the program... literally, with just a click or two.

   With ease, you can...

  Add/select UNLIMITED affirmations — tick the box next to as many "affirmation sets" as you like, and add a limitless number of new sets/affirmations per set... with ease!

  Choose your font — choose a size you're comfortable with, change the color to contrast well with background colors, make the words "bolder" for times when your desktop is cluttered or smaller for when you want to "hide" the text in the background...

  Set your display location — set your affirmations to flash where is most convenient for you... randomly over the screen, dead in the center, or within your active window, for the highest of visibility... Brain Power Pro is respectful of your desktop, and easy to work with.

  Select the contrast — your messages can flash bold and visibility on the screen, or "opaque" in the background... so as not to disturb you whilst working on other tasks.

  Set message interval — set your message display interval anywhere from 1 to 600 seconds apart. Flash messages more regularly for stronger influence, or less frequently for maintenance. You can adapt these settings to suit your needs and preferences.

  Set display time — this is probably the most important setting of all. Every mind is unique. If the default display setting is too slow for you (i.e. you can read the text), you can drop it down to as low as 10 milliseconds — that's 1/100th of a second!

  Test your messages — hit the "test" button to see a preview of your affirmations in action, before they go live... to give you a visual reference to the settings you just made.

   Changing your settings takes all of 10 seconds, and your preferences are saved permanently. It's likely you'll never want to change them again... and if you do, you just pull up the main window, hit a few buttons and you're done — the program then operates automatically in the background!

Step 3 - Click "OK", And Let It Work Its Magic!

   When you click "OK", Brain Power Pro automatically retreats to the system tray on your desktop, like so...

  Although it's "hidden", the magic will continue to work for you in the background... without any effort or work on your part! The program automatically interacts with your desktop environment, displaying your affirmation files "on the top" of your screen, without interfering with your operation of the computer.

   Brain Power Pro will automatically cycle through each of your selected affirmation groups, and display them randomly (to an equal weight) at an interval you define — even whilst you're using your PC for other tasks!

Just think... Every Minute You're Using Your PC
Means Up To 60 New Affirmations Hitting Your
Brain... That's Over 150,000 In An Average Month!

   It's truly the most powerful, time independent, effortless and EASY TO USE personal development and life betterment tool you're likely to ever find. Just think. Now every minute at your computer, means the chance to better yourself... reach your goals... attain your ambitions... and be the person you crave to be.

   And, you'll achieve all of this with...

  NO meditating! — Did you know it takes the average meditation practitioner at least 3-5 YEARS before they see true results? With Brain Power Pro, you get there in just a few weeks!

  NO hypnosis! — Forget strapping yourself to a pair of headphones and offering hours of your time to hypnosis. There's no need to dominate your time in this way! Brain Power Pro frees your time... whenever you're using the computer, you're automatically in "therapy".

  NO self-help books! — How many more books will you read, that mask the same old concepts and say the same old things, in seemingly new ways? There's no need to waste a dollar more on books, or spend your time reading 300+ pages of psycho-babble.. just fire up your PC, and Brain Power Pro does all the work for you!

  NO expensive therapy! — Why waste money on therapists who are in no better state than you? Brain Power Pro leverages your own goals and dreams, and delivers the positive affirmations you need to create the self-belief to fuel fantastic new abilities inside you!

  NO "positive thinking"! — Brain Power Pro is independent of your current thoughts. There is no need to blindly "think positively", affirm your goals to yourself in the mirror, or force yourself to believe against your will... Brain Power Pro delivers +/- 1,800 affirmations per hour!

How Much Would You Pay, To Change Your Life?

   Just think. The power to change your life. To achieve your dreams. To become the person you want to be, and empower yourself with the skills... the control... the ultimate power over your own existence.

   How much is worth to you? How much is it worth to your business, or your career?

   You know, I have more than 150 self-help books in my personal library. Over the past decade, I've read more books on psychology and human performance than most people would read in ten different lifetimes.

   I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on books, courses, seminars. I've subscribed to the most cutting-edge educational publications that money can buy, and spent thousands of hours of my time digesting it.

   You see, being the best is my life. It's the reason I founded my club, "Elite Inner Circle" — to scour and deliver the most influential strategies for life betterment known to man. This is what I live and breathe daily.

   And you know what? I'd gladly trade every dollar I've spent, for a copy of Brain Power Pro.

   It's that important to me. So now I'm offering you that same power, I advise you do whatever you can to grab your own copy. I'm confident that you'll never want to work on your PC again without it. I mean it.

   So how much are you willing to pay to change your life?

   $50,000? $100,000? Remember, we're talking about the possibility of life-long betterment. An advance in your salary of just $2.50 an hour equates to almost $192,000 over the life of your career. Think about it.

   How much more could Brain Power Pro help you bring?

   But I'm not asking for that. I'm not even asking for 1/10th, or 1/100th of that amount. You won't have to spring for more than 1% of what it's worth to you over your lifetime... likely, much, much less.

   You see...

I'm On A Mission — To Install 100,000 Copies Of
Brain Power Pro By The End Of The Year!

   I truly want all of my clients and my friends to succeed in their lives. I'm a firm believer in good karma. I know that - by helping others - I'm enriching my own life, too.

   It may sound a touch melodramatic, but I honestly mean it. It's my goal to distribute at least 100,000 copies of Brain Power Pro all across the globe, and give benefit to those I truly care about.

   Listen, I've made my money. I live a rewarding life. And besides, I sell plenty more expensive courses and products on my other strategies. To me, there's no better reward than getting this tool out there.

   So, I'm pricing this extremely fairly. At a level that is affordable by almost anyone, and that still affirms your commitment and desire for change. Act today, and you'll pay just $39.97 for Brain Power Pro.

   And that's a one-time fee, for a lifetime license.

   There are no other fees to pay. No monthly dues, or upgrade costs, or anything like that. You can install Brain Power Pro on up to 2 computers as well, giving benefit to you and your whole family, if that applies.

   And that's not all...

Act Today, And I'll Throw In 887 Affirmations
In 29 Different Groups... For FREE!

    I had 29 of the most sought-after goals, personality traits and ambitions turned into professionally written and choreographed affirmation files... that you can use immediately for a rapid head-start.

   I have pre-installed these affirmation groups into your copy of Brain Power Pro — and, providing you act today, you'll receive these files as apart of your purchase at NO EXTRA COST.

   These affirmation sets include...

  Accepting Criticism (27 affirmations) — Does it annoy you when people pass judgment, even if their intentions are in the right place? Want to rid yourself of an arrogant attitude toward people, and replace it with patience? This set is for you!

  Achieve Ultimate Success (23 affirmations) — Accept success into your life, and empower your life with the ability to succeed in every new adventure you embark on!

  Attract Your Ideal Partner (49 affirmations) — Do you keep losing the dating game? Perhaps you attract the wrong people, or wish to "upgrade" the type of people you can attract and associate with? Meet your perfect partner, and enjoy rewarding relationships!

  Being A Great Parent (25 affirmations) — You love your children. But sometimes, it's tough to show it — in a loving, supporting way they'd understand. Be the great mom/dad you know you can be... and make the "chore" of caring for children, the joy it should be!

  Breathe Relief From Allergies (19 affirmations) — Do you hate the summer, when you just know you'll suffer? Fight back, pill-free, with these allergy-busting affirmations!

  Control Your Dreams At Night (37 affirmations) — Imagine if you knew when you were sleeping, and could actually control the content of your dreams... down to the last detail. Now you can enjoy fascinating lucid dreams, that you're in complete control of!

  Dissolve Stress & Tension (24 affirmations) — Melt away the cares of your world, and let problems be a thing of the past. Life is for living. Enjoy every moment of it!

  Free From The Past (33 affirmations) — Memories of the past continue to hurt and haunt us, but it doesn't have to be that way. Release your past turmoil and embrace the present, with this uplifting affirmation set.

  Free-Flowing Creative Genius (46 affirmations) — Brainstorm at lightning speeds, develop great new ideas for projects or for fun, and enjoy the artistic side of your personality... to add more fun, excitement and spontaneity to your life!

  Get Motivated! (36 affirmations) — Does it feel like a struggle to drag yourself out of bed, or to the gym? Maybe you just don't feel inspired to work on that new project, or get yourself moving. Maybe your life feels stuck in suspended animation. Awaken your life and your soul, with this energizing set!

  Get What You Want, Now! (36 affirmations) — Sometimes your goals can see so far away. Live for the NOW - embrace today, and discover new paths to achieving your goals in the fastest possible time!

  I Love Today! (15 affirmations) — This short set goes great along with others to add energy, pump and drive to your every day life... even if you can't yet see the excitement.

  Improve Your Marriage (24 affirmations) — 1 in every 3 marriages ends in divorce. It's not only expensive, but emotionally draining to... to lose someone you spend a large part of your life with. Ignite new flames in your marriage, with this inspiring set!

  Instant Memory Bank! (26 affirmations) — Develop a "super glue" memory, absorb and categorize information fast and efficiently, and retrieve even the most faded of memories... as if they only happened yesterday!

  Love Yourself, Love Your Life (36 affirmations) — Correct any emotional/ego imbalance, and learn to love and trust yourself... and inspire others to do the same.

  Pass Your Exams! (30 affirmations) — Whether you're revising for school, a driving test, a job or a new career advancement, "Pass Your Exams" will help you understand the facts, revise with greater ease, and recall information quicker than ever... when it counts!

  Quit Smoking, For Good! (30 affirmations) — Kill that nasty habit, before it kills you!

  Rapid Calm (20 affirmations) — A light-weight session set that is great for moments of frustration, or emotional imbalance. Restore the positivity in your life, fast!

  Rocketing Your Self-Esteem (35 affirmations) — You are worth everything! This set zaps this truth right into your brain cells, opening up new doors you never thought possible before. Self-esteem is the root of most problems. Correct it now, and for good!

  Speed Reading (42 affirmations) — Increase your productivity, your vocab and your education in less time, with the ability to suck information into your brain faster than ever!

  Super Positivity (16 affirmations) — Another great light-weight set to add that extra spark to your day... and embrace all of the possibilities available to you.

  Super Self-Confidence (38 affirmations) — Think how much more you could achieve if you knew.. in your heart, your mind, and your soul... how unstoppably amazing you really are. This set not only instills that belief... it turns you into that reality, too!

  Superior Decision Making (24 affirmations) — Make the right decisions with confidence and accuracy! This set gifts you the ability to make great choices in your life.

  Surging Muscle Growth! (31 affirmations) — Increase your strength, power and muscle size, outside of the gym. I used this set to help me gain an additional 20lbs in lean muscle mass in combination with my workout and a good diet... GREAT for bodybuilders!

  The Supreme Athlete (23 affirmations) — Sky-rocket your fitness to amazing new heights, help build a strong and healthy body, and increase your stamina... infinitely!

  The Virtue of Patience (17 affirmations) — Make peace with time, and learn to enjoy each moment has it happens...without getting stuck with "future syndrome".

  Ultimate Leadership Skills (20 affirmations) — Whether you're leading yourself, your family, or a team of hundreds of employees beneath you, leadership qualities are a must for living a controllable, stable and integral life. Use this set and be the ultimate leader!

  You're a Natural Public Speaker! (52 affirmations) — Public speaking is the #1 fear in America. More people fear public speaking than death! Become a confident public speaker with this set and deliver powerful, compelling & engaging speeches, every time!

  You're Funny, And They Know It! (53 affirmations) — Develop a razor-sharp wit, and learn to crack the right jokes, at the right times. Great for social situations and for every-day life... to add humor to your day, and to those around you.

   It cost me hours of my time and hundreds of dollars to have these files written for you, and they're yours free, as my gift to you for acting today.

   But before you decide, I feel I should close on one important point...

I 100% Guarantee Your Results, With This Statement:

   So, either see the results you're hoping for — or, get your money back. It's as simple as that.

   Ready to change your life? Click the link below, for instant access:

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   Lee Benson.
   Founder, Elite Inner Circle™

   P.S — To claim your 29 free affirmation sets, you must act before — I've already drafted plans to start selling them at a $50 premium after that date... (act today, and I'll include them at no cost)

   P.P.S — Once I've sold enough copies, I will bump up the price to match the demand. This could happen at any time, without warning. I urge you to grab your copy at the current $39.97 price, before I raise it!